What is Bayyinah2

Bayyinah’s mission is to enrich individuals, families and institutions by making Arabic and Qur’anic studies accessible to the world. All of our programs offer comprehensive study resources to guide our students toward their educational goals. We strongly believe that education in both of these areas should be innovative, affordable and easy to understand.

It’s possible to spread the appreciation of the Arabic language and Islam’s sacred texts to the average person who might not have the ability to commit to rigorous study overseas. We see that whatever knowledge was once a part the realm of the academic elite can be made accessible to the masses with modern technology and innovative educational tools.

Bayyinah recognizes that there are full-time learners, part-time learners and self-learners. Regardless of your ability to commit time, money or travel to your education, we seek to provide programs and tools that match your needs.

We currently offer the following programs to help make our vision a reality:

Bayyinah TV

Bayyinah TV is a continually growing video collection of exclusive Qur’anic and Arabic videos. Each series is a comprehensive educational experience. We currently offer four shows: Arabic with Husna, Qur’an: Cover to Cover, Divine Speech and Themes from the Qur’an.

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Traveling seminars

Nouman Ali Khan, Abdul Nasir Jangda and Faizan Mumtaz travel across the United States and sometimes also internationally to offer seminars that are highly engaging, enjoyable and fun for the whole family. They make it their mission to keep a light, easy-going atmosphere in their programs. Adults, kids and non-Muslims are all welcome to attend any one of our travelling seminars.

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Qur’an Intensive

Bayyinah’s Qur’an Intensive is our highly successful 30-day Arabic and Qur’an study program held in Dallas every year. Sheikh Abdul Nasir single handedly conducts this intensive and covers an extensive Qur’anic Arabic curriculum along with a significant amount of Qur’anic analysis lectures. It’s a great use of summer vacation with the family!

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Bayyinah Dream

The Dream program is our most elaborate and extensive educational offering. Students engage in a full time Arabic and Qur’anic studies program from September to June. The bulk of the program is taught by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan and includes involvement from several other instructors and teacher’s assistants. Students learn and apply grammar, internalize extensive vocabulary, and learn to speak, read and write in Arabic. The program is a rigorous endeavor and we ask that only serious potential students apply.

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Part-time courses

In response to the growing demand for Arabic studies that fit a modern schedule, Bayyinah now offers part-time classes for those with work, family or school commitments. The programs are seven months long and cover the essentials of Arabic in order to understand the Qur’an. The morning class is open to sisters only while the evening class is open to brothers and sisters.

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Our free audio library is a lifelong partnership between our two lead instructors, Nouman Ali Khan and AbdulNasir Jangda. They hope to continue to provide a thorough literary study of the entire Qur’an, khutbahs and lectures free of charge. The library is updated every week and has already become one of Bayyinah’s most appreciated services reaching two terabytes of downloads each day.

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