This page contains IMPORTANT application information. Please read carefully before applying.

 Applications are currently open for Bayyinah Dream 2014-2015. Please email questions to

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a U.S. citizen, legal resident or current visa holder.
Prospective students from outside the USA must obtain their own visa. Bayyinah does not have any resources to help non-US residents with obtaining a visa. Consider applying for a visa before applying for the Dream program.
2. Be able to fluently read the Qur’an.
3. Be able to neatly write basic Arabic script.
4. Be able to commit to a full-time program and financially support him or herself during the program.
5. Be at least 18 years old* and a high school graduate by the time the program starts.

*Certain exceptions are made for exceptionally qualified applicants under the age of 18. This normally means they are a Hafidh of the Qur’an and will be living with their parents or a guardian during the program. Please contact us before applying, if you are under 18 and feel you meet these requirements.

NOTE: The above application criteria will not be waived.


Application Process:

The application deadline is Mar 31st, 2014. The application process heavily favors applicants who apply early.

1. Carefully review the application criteria.
2. Complete and submit the online application form along with the $150 non-refundable application fee (waived until Jan 1st, 2014).
3. Once the application is processed, each applicant will receive an appointment time via email for the reading and writing assessment.
4. Upon successfully passing the reading and writing assessment, applicants will be given an interview appointment time.

NOTE: If an applicant does not pass the assessments, he/she may reapply after 30 days. The reading and writing assessments CANNOT be waived.

1. Upon completion of the interview, applicant will be asked to submit three letters of reference. Only one reference may be from a family member or friend. References should be someone who know the applicant well, such as a teacher, Imam, employer, colleague etc.
2. Upon completion to interviews and receipt of references, the Admissions Committee will review all application materials and email applicants their admission decision
3. Applicants must pay $1,750 tuition deposit within 14 days of receiving an acceptance letter in order to secure a seat.


Priority Admissions (optional requirements):

Priority will be given to those that apply early and have started or completed the following:

1. Memorization of Surah Kahf, along with other portions of the Qur’an
2. Careful study of Arabic with Husna series on
3. Study of the vocabulary list provided here.


Additional Information:

Reading Assessment:

The reading assessment is designed to test the applicant’s fluency and comfort in reading the Arabic language. Applicants should be able to read without confusing the letters or vowel sounds. An applicant who shows excessive difficulty reading will not pass the assessment.

Applicants will be asked to:
1. Read a passage from the Qur’an to the interviewer.
2. Read a simple Arabic passage that is not from the Qur’an. An online link  to the passage will be provided to the applicant during the interview.

Writing Assessment:

The writing assessment is designed to test the applicant’s ability to recognize and write Arabic letters properly. Applicants should be able to write simple Ayaat from the Qur’an and correctly connect Arabic letters. Writing samples in which letters are transposed or are incorrectly connected will not pass.

The interviewer will dictate a passage from the Qur’an for the applicant. Applicants will then be asked to take a picture or scan their dictation and email it to the Admissions Committee with in thirty minutes.


An Admissions Committee member will schedule an interview with the applicant after his/her application is completed. The interview will take about thirty minutes and will cover topics such as:

o What practical preparations have you made to attend the Dream program? This included budgeting, taking time off work/school, finding housing, moving, coping with being away from home for the first time, etc.

o What is your motivation for attending the Dream program?

o How well you work in groups?

o How well you follow policies and procedure?


Once an application has been approved applicants must:

1. Make a $1,750 non-refundable deposit in order to secure a seat. (Here is the link to pay the deposit and will be provided in the acceptance email as well)

2. The remainder of the tuition ($6,000) must be received by June 30th.

Applicants must carefully read and understand ALL of the information above before applying. Failing to do so will jeopardize an applicant’s chances of acceptance in the Dream Program.