We’ll let our students do the talking. Check out these articles written by Dream graduates:

Bayyinah Dream – So How Was It?

“A few years back, I developed a desire to some how understand the meaning of the Qur’an. I developed an intense yearning to leave off everything for some time to go study Arabic…”

-Nihal Khan, 2011 graduate

Thinking about doing Dream 2013?

“I would suggest that you do not come into the program completely fresh to Arabic, since the program is pretty fast-paced and you don’t want this to be your first ever exposure to the Arabic language…”

-Meena Malik, 2012 graduate (3 months into the program)

Living the Bayyinah Dream

“What’s impossible to capture in an essay is the love that we found at Dream. We didn’t have a campus, we had a home. We weren’t classmates, we were brothers and sisters….”

-Fuseina Mohamad, 2012 graduate