What kind of students is Bayyinah looking for?

We understand that everyone has different goals and motivations for studying Arabic. However, the Dream program is not a weekend seminar. It is a 9 month intensive program designed for students who are dedicated, mature, serious, sincere and studious. Know your commitment level. Studying 12 hours a day for 9 months is not easy. Students need to be extremely committed before they decide on applying.

What should I study before attending?

Work on the optional requirements listed on the applications page, namely:

1) Reading Qur’an. Set a goal to read 3-4 pages of Qur’an each day.
2) Arabic handwriting and typing. Students MUST be able to write in Arabic. Typing in Arabic is not a requirement for admission, but is a skill that every student should acquire during the program for the purposes of online research and note taking.
3) Bayyinah’s 201 E-Learning videos, found here.
4) Memorization of the vocabulary list provided here.

What do I need to bring with me?

A laptop or computer is highly recommended, but not necessary. Students should also bring a 2-3″ binder, several spiral notebooks, folders, a calendar/planner, and general school supplies including pens, pencils and highlighters. Students will also find it convenient to have a printer.

Students should also bring a Mushaf and a translation of the Qur’an for reference.

Do I need a car?

Yes. Public transportation is not readily available, which makes things like getting groceries incredibly difficult without having a car. If you do not have  a car, you should arrange to live with someone who does and work it out ahead of time.

Can I work while attending Dream?

There are no official restrictions, but students who worked on the side in previous years found it extremely challenging to manage work along with their studies. The Dream program is intense. It is highly recommended to not work during the course of the program.

What are the accommodations for mothers?

The Bayyinah campus has a mothers’ room set up on campus if a mother needs to watch her child during class hours. Attending the class in this manner will take a high level of sacrifice and commitment from the family. The mothers’ room has audio and video feed of the presentation, but you will not have the same class-time access to the instructor as other students. In previous years, many families have brought an outside babysitter or extra family member to help with just watching their kids. This is allowable, as long as the babysitter’s information is forwarded to Bayyinah in advance.

One parent offered the following advice:

“Alhumdulillah, my wife and I have been attending the class with my 5 month old daughter. The mother and fathers rooms have been an awesome addition to the campus, without which one of us probably wouldn’t have been able to attend the course. However, I would highly recommend future students to look for a babysitter to help watch their children during school hours. The administration has been kind enough to let authorized babysitters stay in the mothers’ room during class hours, allowing the mothers to attend the classes and go in/out when needed by their children. Every family with small children is relying on help with babysitting. I have the help of my mother, may Allah reward her, who comes and helps my wife and daughter. Other sisters have hired babysitters. Though my wife can listen to the lectures when she is in the mothers’ room, having to do so full-time would be very difficult, especially during classes that demand student interaction, such as the conversational Arabic course. Also, doing this with a small child definitely requires an understanding between husband and wife. During the class hours, it is the mother that has all the distractions and misses much of class, so it really requires an understanding on the husbands’ side to help their wives make up material after school hours. I would definitely encourage parents to enroll in the program, as long as they have that mutual understanding and support, as well as some type of help with babysitting.”

How much Arabic will I actually learn?

See the curriculum page.

How many hours will I be studying daily?

In addition to the regular class hours, students can expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours daily studying at home. Dedicated students may invest an additional 3-4 hours outside of class on a daily basis. In addition, studying for the weekly exams can sometimes take 4-6 hours outside of class.

Can international students apply?

Yes. But international students must provide proof and documentation that they can reside in the US for the duration of the program before we are able to issue an acceptance.

Does Bayyinah provide housing?

Bayyinah does not offer any kind of student housing, so students relocating to the area for Dream will be responsible for their own living arrangements. Please check the Campus Life page for more information.

What if I have a different question?

If your question was not addressed here, please contact us.